About Us

Communications Committee

Chair – Cory Danner - Cory@jnelsonfinancialgroup.com

Staff Liaison – Julie Lyon

The Communications Committee strives to increase the Chamber's visibility and image within Montgomery's business and public sectors.

The Committee shall be responsible for the following duties:

  1. The committee members focus on attracting and communicating with new members, and with potential corporate and community sponsors/partners.
  2. The Committee seeks to enhance awareness of the value of the Chamber by providing useful information to various media outlets, TV, print, radio and social media, as well as through and through a variety of events and networking opportunities.
  3. The Committee provides recommendations to the Board of Directors for marketing-­related decisions and executes the annual events-­based marketing plan by promoting the Chamber's mission throughout the community. 
  4. The Committee prepares a proposed annual marketing budget consisting of printing, advertising and promotional expenses for the BOD to review and approve. In addition the Committee will update the BOD and share any additional relevant marketing opportunities as they arise.