Business Spotlight January

January 5, 2023
Integrative Solutions

Business of the Month Spotlight Survey – January 2023

Business Name: Rx Integrative Solutions Inc

Owner: Cathy Rosenbaum PharmD MBA RPh CHC CDP CFNC

Business Description: Health & Wellness Consulting/Fitness Nutrition Coaching Delivered by A Holistic Clinical Pharmacist

Address: 8977 Columbia Road Suite A Loveland OH 45140

Telephone Number: 513.607.3495


1.    What is your favorite part or your job?


·         Helping other people

·         Actively listening to my patients’ lifestyle choices

·         Thoroughly understanding our patients’ health journeys


2.    Do you or your business donate to any charities?


·         Donations are made to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Cincinnati St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy

·         I volunteer at the Loveland Farmer’s Market SNAP booth and at Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired as host for Your Holistic Health (WRRS radio program)


3.    What was the inspiration behind the business?  My 2002 trip to China to study herbal research and global healthcare solutions was driven by divine intervention. I wrote a book, Don’t Sweep It Under the Drug, to explain that journey and to educate readers about the incredible power of implementing mind body spirit integrative healing principles into their health regimens.


4.    What are the three most important things about your business?  


·         I desire to have my patients experience a vastly improved quality of life and health journey after a consulting session with me

·         We provide non-traditional, evidence-based health recommendations and have no financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry or dietary supplement industry


·         Our clients are included as equal partners on the team in the decision making process.



5.    If you could explain your business in the simplest way, how would you?


·         We provide pharmaceutical, supplement, nutrition, integrative mind body spiritual lifestyle information to patients to optimize their health outcomes

·         Patients will get a 1-1.5 hour in-person interview/evaluation with the holistic pharmacist who will spend another 1-2 hours designing/delivering a written report of integrative health recommendations based on their health goals and shared with them/or their physicians (with their permission)

·         I help my patients navigate a fractionated, confusing, uncertain traditional healthcare system as an equal decision-making partner on the health team


6.    What is your key to success?  We are dedicated to providing the highest level of ethical care for our patients.


7.    What is one of your favorite client stories?  A patient presented who was taking minimal prescription medications and regularly consuming 55 dietary supplements. Products were self-selected based on their personal readings, TV advertising, advice from friends, and some advice from their PCP.  The patient’s PCP did not know about all of these products.  I evaluated the entire mix, found multiple duplicates, discovered several interactions and ‘unwanted effects’ about which the patient complained that were likely coming from mega-dosing multivitamins and multiple supplements.  The patient agreed to discontinue all supplements but five and was informed that their ‘wash out period’ might be an adjustment to their body.  After two weeks, the patient reported back that they had more energy and a vastly improved quality of life from the agreed-upon changes made.  By request, I gave the patient three more PCP referrals from which to choose for a more integrative transparent approach to the use of supplements instead of medications as much as possible in the future.


8.    What is one of your favorite quotes? “Let food be thy medicine.’ Hippocrates   


9.    Best advice anyone has given you?


o   Healthcare professionals must be experts at listening to their patients even before asserting any medical advice


o   From a small business perspective, ‘know your customer acquisition costs as well as your fixed/variable costs’ before offering product/service discounts and promos. 


10.  Do you have any special services you offer Montgomery Chamber of Commerce (MCC) members?


·         We are happy to offer health coaching six-week packages to patients who are seeking help with weight loss, smoking cessation, or stress management. 

·         We also offer a 20% discount to MCC members and 10% discount to seniors > 65 years of age.


11.  What is your favorite part about being a member of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce?


o   Learning more about other members and resources each brings to the table

o   Learning how Montgomery business owners can collectively support the community we serve