Business Spotlight May 2022

May 3, 2022
ProSource V1.0



Business Name: Prosource

Leadership:  Brad Cates, President & CEO

Business Description: Full-service business technology solutions provider

Address: 4720 Glendale Milford Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Telephone Number: 513.769.0606



What is your favorite part of your job?


We asked the Prosource team just that! Here are a few of the things they shared about why they love their job:


·         “The people I work with are dedicated to the customer and helping each other succeed. The leadership genuinely cares about employees’ health, success, and happiness.”


·         “I have grown so much since I have been here, and the sky is the limit. We are always trying to be on the up and up of technology and follow the trends in what customers are interested in. I find it motivating that management is excited about always getting better—even if we are already the best!”


·         “Every day, I have the opportunity to do what I love alongside people I love working with.  We work together as a team, always strive for continuous improvement, and never settle for second-best.”


·         “I am given every opportunity to succeed.”


·         “I am able to use my skills to take care of our most valuable asset, our customers.”


Do you or your business donate to any charities? Which ones? Why?


At Prosource, our purpose is to make an impact every day for our customers, our communities, and our team. This commitment to making an impact is our “why” and it drives the work we do both inside and outside the walls of our offices.

Our employees spend more than 1,200 hours volunteering every year, and over the past decade, we have contributed more than $1M to charitable organizations. Each year, we support more than 40 organizations across the Midwest. Locally, some of these organizations include Adopt A Class, The Dragonfly Foundation, Camp Joy, CancerFree KIDS, The First Tee of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky, ProKids, YMCA of Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Lindner Center of Hope, ArtsWave, and more.

Name one short term goal.


One of Prosource’s goals is to build our bench of the best talent in the industry. In pursuit of that goal, we recently launched our new B2B Technology Sales Training Program. Designed for recent graduates and early-career professionals, the program combines skills-based training, customer-facing experience, and guidance from our sales leadership team to equip trainees with the skills and expertise to start a successful technology sales career. Upon successful completion of the program, trainees will be considered for a competitive placement on one of our technology sales teams. We’re excited to kick off this program and welcome our first cohort this year!


What are the three most important things about your business?


1.    Prosource delivers solutions, not products. We tailor strategies to your business goals, so you get the right technology in the right place—now and for the future.

2.    When you work with Prosource, we aren’t just another vendor. We become your partner, rolling up our sleeves alongside your team.

3.    Our managed services approach means you can focus on your core business—and we’ll focus on your keeping your systems, operations, and network at peak performance and secure.


If you could explain your business in the simplest way, how would you?


Our business is built on helping your business run better through simple, powerful, secure technology solutions.


What is your key to success?


The keys to Prosource’s success are our engaged team and our strong, customer-focused culture. In everything we do, Prosource brings a customer-centered approach and a steadfast focus on quality, service, and improving our customers’ businesses.


But we don’t just talk about customer satisfaction; we actually built a system to deliver on it. The TotalPro Experience is our approach to identifying customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations from start to finish. It’s the structure we follow with every customer, on every engagement, to ensure we get the job done right, every time. And we actively empower every team member—no matter their role, location, or area of business—to do whatever is needed to make things right for our customers.


And all of this is possible because of our team. Brad Cates, Prosource President & CEO, has said, “If you have an engaged team, the rest takes care of itself. An engaged team wants to show up each day and be part of what the organization is doing.” We’re lucky to have an engaged team that believes in our mission to build trust, long-term relationships, and measurable impact by helping customers leverage technology for strategic advantage.


Describe yourself in three words.


Passionate. Driven. Customer-Focused.


Do you have any special services you offer Montgomery Chamber of Commerce members?


The first step in helping your business run better is understanding your organization’s goals, needs, and current state, including strengths and opportunities. We’re pleased to offer Chamber members complimentary assessments of your technology environment, from identifying and understanding your cybersecurity gaps to pinpointing where you can reduce costs and waste in your print and information workflow.


·         Cybersecurity Assessment: Don’t wait for a cyberattack to discover your network’s vulnerabilities. Take a proactive approach to mitigating your risk with a cybersecurity assessment. The assessment will identify the gaps in your current IT infrastructure to help you understand potential security threats and associated risks. From there, we’ll outline recommendations to put your business in the best possible position to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a cyberattack.


·         Dark Web Scan: Has your company’s confidential information been leaked on the dark web? With our monitoring tools, we’ll scan the dark web for email addresses and passwords within your domain and provide you with a custom report so you can identify and address these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by a hacker.



·         Print and Information Workflow Assessment: The way your business operates has changed over the past two years. Has your office equipment kept up? Through an assessment of your print technology environment, we can help you 1) pinpoint where you can reduce costs and waste in your print and information workflow and 2) provide you with a tailored print strategy that fits your current needs and your current budget.