Business Spotlight November 2021

November 3, 2021
Game On Fitness Logo

Business Name: Game On! Fitness

Owner: Amy Smith

Business Description: Game On! Fitness is a boutique fitness studio in Montgomery, Ohio that blends the best tried and true fitness methods with cutting-edge workout equipment and science-based knowledge.

Address: 9384 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, OH 45242

Telephone Number: 513-592-0355




Get to know the owner, Amy Smith:

What was the inspiration behind the business?

I started teaching fitness when I was teenager. In fact, I taught water aerobics right here in Montgomery at Montgomery Business Men's Club Swimming Pool! I have always loved fitness, but the large gyms in the Cincinnati area were not lways focused on the individual, it was more about pushing sales and packages.  As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor of a local franchise gym (no longer in the Cincy area.) I felt pressure from my Sales Manager to up-sell, not to create successful programs with individual client's well being in mind.  That seemed backwards to me.  I wanted a studio where clients were respected and honored for thier efforts and results, not just the total sales they brought in.  My clients were busy; working adults, stay aat home moms and dads, and even student athletes.  They needed workouts that were efficient with thier limited time, and that had their overall health in mind- not just weight loss.  I wanted to have a happy place for people to be inspired, embraced, and welcomed. 


If you could explain your business in the simplest way, how would you?

My staff and I have the safest and fastest way to better your overall health and we have the science to back it up.


What are the three most important things about your business?

We are the only local studio using cutting edge vibration plate technology. This has been popular on the West Coast for years, and for good reason! Vibration Plates help reduce visceral fat, and they increase muscle mass.  Thirty minutes of this truly effective workout will decrease your metabolic age. It is scientifically proven and I am honored to share it with my clients.


What is your key to success?

Never forget that it pays to be a student. Study, learn, and process everything so my clients get the results they deserve. Want to be an expert? Never stop learning. Take criticism and learn from it. Respect your competition and have a strong team on your side.


How did you pivot in 2020?

I was quite blessed in the timing of the pandemic shut down. My team and I had just launched a subscription video library, and had many of our current clients already used our virtual classes. We perfected the platform we wanted to use and ran with it. I was also lucky to have hired the best team prior to the shut down. My team took off running, figuring out the best way to use our music, how to go live for certain classes, how to use lighting for filming, and even produced and launched a new app and website! My instructors brought their energy to the camera and kept the business moving forward. I am very proud of my team and my business.  


What is your key to success?

Never forget that it pays to be a student. Study, learn, and process everything so my clients get the results they deserve. Want to be an expert? Never stop learning. Take criticism and learn from it. Respect your competition and have a strong team on your side.


Best advice anyone has given you.

Love what you do. My father, GE Credit Union CEO Patrick Taylor, gave me this advice. He retired after 57 years at GE Credit Union. 


Do you offer any special services you offer Montgomery Chamber of Commerce?

Yes! We offer lunchtime classes most days of the week, so our neighbors can come in and get a quick and highly effective workout and still have time to grab lunch on their way back to the office. Our early morning classes and evening classes are also great for those who are looking for something they can do immediately before or after work. Best of all, Chamber members are eligible for a 10 Class Pass for just $162, with the Discount Code .


What is your favorite thing about owning a business in Montgomery?

I am back HOME! I group up on Kennedy Lane and went to All Saints. I worked for the City of Montgomery in the Day Camp program. I loved Montgomery so much. I drove back and forth from Miami University to Montgomery to help with the Day Camp program, and I remember the beautiful lights of Montgomery Rd. at night.  As a child I found it truly magical, and it still is. Now as a Montgomery business owner, I have found a group of other Women Business Owners and the support we provide each other is awesome! Check out my commercial on Channel 12, CW, and Star 64 - I shot part of it at Montgomery Bridal! 


What is your favorite hangout spot in Cincinnati?

Montgomery! I have found myself looking forward to the Love Potion #9 at Stone Creek, going to hear live music at The Belle and The Bear, grabbing lunch at Z Place for Wine, and of course walking right across the hall for dinner and wine at Napa. 


Does the business donate to any charities? 

I have two charities that touch my heart. Strengthening Hope is the first; I started this Cancer Foundation in honor of my mother, who passed from Primary Peritoneal Cancer. I created a Fitness DVD, and donated the proceeds to Dr. Sardi and the Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy Baltimore, MD. Dr. Sardi reached out to me after my mom passed and told me about his HIPEC treatment for Peritoneal Cancer. I was fortunate that my DVDs were so successful that they were endorsed by Bonnie Matthews from the Dr. OZ show. 


My other philanthropic gifts are to local organizations - especially schools. I was a former First Grade teacher at Bethany School and my love for children has never waned. I also am a local Girl Scout Partner; Girl Scouts are able to earn badges such as My Best Self at private classes at my studio.