Montgomery Chamber of Commerce

Business Spotlight April 2015

Posted on: March 31, 2015 10:00 pm

Verde Salad & More

Verde Salad & More offers tasty chopped salads, wraps, panini, and cold sandwiches featuring 50+ fresh ingredients, plus soups and other sides. Wash down the deliciousness with one of over 128+ unique drinks from the new Coke Freestyle or a fresh ice tea.

9721 Montgomery Road Montgomery, OH 45242

Phone: 513.873.3889


Get to know the owner Alicia Camper

Do you or your business donate to any charities? Which ones? Why?
Yes.  Verde has donated to several local school and community events, even though we have yet to clear a profit. I think its important to give back to the community and positively contribute wherever it makes sense. We also plan to announce a pledge of future profits for 2015 to the MS Society Ohio Valley Chapter.


If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
Make Ohio an Oceanside location. I really love living near the beach and the sound of the ocean. I lived for awhile in Southern California and decided to move back to Ohio (yes I know, crazy to move back) because I really missed the culture here in the TriState area. There is such a great sense of community here that is so people centric that I just couldn’t find anywhere else. Now all we need is an ocean and I would never leave Cincinnati.


What was your favorite food when you were a child?
Sour patch kids, still is one of my favorites.


Name one short term goal?
My current short term goal is to make each and every day count.

Describe yourself in three words?
Driven, Strong-willed, & Compassionate


Do you have any pets? How many? What kind? Names?
Yes. A black mixed breed dog named Dos Equis, 2 outdoor cats named Karlos & Madison (my daughter’s cat), & a tank full of freshwater fish. If it were up to my daughter, we would have more. But we don’t, bc I would have to take care of them all!


Where did you grow up?
I grew up just north of Dayton in Vandalia Ohio, the crossroads of America (I-75 and I-70 intersect there). Or as we used to ironically call it “Fundalia”.


Have you read a book recently that you would recommend?
No time to read adult books, sorry. But I do read with my daughter every night books like Pinkalicious, Dr Seuss, Fancy Nancy, etc.


What is your favorite movie?
The Princess Bride & Ratatouille


Money is not an option what type of car would you buy and drive?
A Tesla all electric car


Money is not an option where would you go on a 2 week vacation?
A cruise around the world, but that would take more than 2 weeks. If it had to be just 2 weeks, then I would pick Egypt with a personal guide to explore the ruins at my own pace.


Money is not an option what restaurant would you go to with your friends and family?
Of course Verde Salad & More. But seriously, I would have all my friends at family to my house to cook for and entertain them.