Montgomery Chamber of Commerce

Business Spotlight November 2020

Posted on: November 2, 2020 11:00 am

Randolph Next Day Paper

Stan Bachmeyer founded the Randolph Paper Company in 1996, and as a one-person team created the foundation for a 25-year long story where we have become the Small Printer’s #1 Paper Company. When it comes to fast, reliable, and friendly service, we’re second to none. Stan’s passion for printing and paper came from his father who was a printer, and his grandfather who owned and operated the Bachmeyer-Lutmer Printing Press in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, Randolph Next Day Paper is led by Jon Bachmeyer, the fourth-generation Bachmeyer to carry on the family’s legacy and dedication to the printing and paper industry.

Address: 11258 Cornell Park Dr. #600, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Telephone Number: 800-752-2339 (Toll Free)



Get to know More About Randolph Next Day Paper:

What is your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy seeing new customers coming in daily from our website, email marketing and customer service sales efforts. 

What was the inspiration behind the business? Or do you have a personal inspiration?

My commitment is to help smaller businesses in printing who are experiencing difficulties with larger paper merchants that subject them to paying increased prices, large minimum orders and freight.   

If you could explain your business in the simplest way, how would you?

We distribute carbon-less paper nationally to smaller printers.

What are the three most important things about your business? 

  • We are very close to each customer nationally since we have 10 warehouses that we pull orders from.
  • We do not have minimum orders or charge freight.
  • We have good people working for us.

What is your key to success?

Good customers and good customer service.

Name one short term goal.

Become a better canner. 

How often are you compared to Dundler Mifflin? And is there anyone in the office who reminds you of the cast?

It’s always a fun question that comes up outside events when people ask what my company does. The TV cast of characters doesn’t measure up to my people but there is some similarity when it comes to office drama. Makes business a bit fascinating. A sense of humor is all that’s needed to get through those issues. 

Best advice anyone has given you?

Just try it.

Do you have any special services you offer Montgomery Chamber of Commerce members?

We’re a good source of information regarding printing on paper.

What is your favorite thing about owning a business in Montgomery?

There's a feeling of success in Montgomery/Blue Ash. 

What is your favorite part about being a member of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce?

A sense of belonging. 

What is your favorite place to eat in Montgomery?


What is your favorite Cincinnati area sports team?

Xavier Basketball. 

What is your favorite hangout spot in Cincinnati?

Narrowed it down to my back deck after supporting many restaurants, theaters and movies before this pandemic.

Do you have any hobbies or actives of interest? What are they?

Driving to Leland, Michigan.